My name is Usman Malik, and I am a pretty opinionated person.

I first started writing when I was in school with an article for a youth supplement with an English Daily in Pakistan on history of animation. Unfortunately my very dear friend who I asked to post it for me decided to put his name after scratching mine. Thankfully it never brought any change in our friendship – especially since he by mistake gave me a postage stamp from his late Grandfather’s collection which was back then worth a few thousand pound. I have been blogging for number of years on but I was unable to keep it consistent. You can find my daily chatter on my tumblog (log).

Being born in England, raised in Pakistan and presently living in Scotland – I consider myself a Pakistani. This however does not come as a hurdle for me being critical of how things are going there. Religion is very important but a private matter for me, so my unorthodox interpretation or lack of engaging in emotional talk about it ideally should not be interpreted otherwise.

I am by study an Electronics Engineer with few years of experience as a Business Analyst, Consultant and Project Manager but above all I pride myself for my Entrepreneurial activities since quite an early age (more about me). Lately I have been developing my abilities in field of Analytics and few interesting things in that field are planned; this is something which got very much on my mind during my postgraduate at University of Glasgow and now will definitely like to take it a step further.

Otherwise I am a photographer and a novice film-maker (flickr / tisvr media studios / vimeo) who takes on assignments every now and then, a politically super-charged person and a history buff. I am known to throw in very nerdy lines in an ordinary conversation so please be warned.

As I always say, my only promise to you is a very unbiased and non-sense free discourse. I also am programmed to accept my mistake and work on correcting myself, because that is only thing which makes you better.

This blog is aimed at preserving all the slightly better structured articles or one which I might end up sending for publishing. Kouf is a middle word for Khauf (trans from Urdu, fear) and Cough – feel free to draw your own inferences from there on.

Thank you for taking time to read all of this!